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Artsy Parties!

What could be more fun that an ART BIRTHDAY PARTY?

Either at your house, or in my art studio, kids can create and celebrate your child’s fantastic birthday!

I can work with you individually to find the perfect creative project for your child’s special day or you can choose from the following list of tried and true fun art party projects!


  1. Shrink Art Charm Bracelet: Kids create unique shrink art charms that are attached to a charm bracelet. ($ 8 per child) (NOT recommended for large groups!)

  2. Funky Art Box: Paint, jewels, felt, and other “funstuff” are used to create a one of a kind fun box to hold all kinds of treasures in. ($ 8 per child)

  3. Sculpey Fun: Cover a pen to create a swirl of color clay creation, or make anything from fun animals to cute magnets. Sculpey clay must be baked in the oven prior to sending home, or it can be sent home with baking directions. ($ 8 per child)

  4. Funky Flip Flops: Using balloons or rags, kids turn regular flip-flops into works of art. ($ 8 per child)

  5. Fun Frame!: Using jewels, buttons, and other fun funky stuff, kids create a unique picture frame! ($ 6 per child)

  6. Mirror Mirror On the Wall: Girls can bejewel and embellish their own vanity make up mirror as wild as they want! ($5 per child)

  7. Birdhouse Art!: Transform a plain wooden birdhouse into a wonderful colorful home for birds! ($ 10 per child)

  8. Basic Jewelry Making: Using fabulous beads of all sizes and shapes, create wonderful beaded bracelets with matching earrings. ($ 6 for each, bracelet or earrings)

  9. Flower Power: Kids can turn a plain Terra Cotta Pot into a wonderful work of art using paint! Then add some potting soil and a few flowers, and you have a masterpiece! ($6 per child)

10. Journal and Pen Set: It’s amazing what fun fur, felt, and other art materials   can do for a plain empty journal and ordinary pen! ($ 8 per child.)

11. Groovy Tie-Dye: Kids transform a white T into a work of art! They will take home   their project in a zip-lock bag with washing directions.($ 10 per child)

12. Bottle Cap Art: Transform an ordinary bottle cap into a work of art necklace! ($ 8 per child)

13. Flower Vase: What is more beautiful that a glass flower vase embellished with swirls of fabulous color? Kids will use special transparent glass paint to decorate their own special vase.($ 8per child)

14. Creepy Crawly: It’s all about bugs! We’ll use model magic, wire, and other fun art media to make one of a kind insects. We’ll also create a bug fossil necklace or key chain! ($ 8 per child)

15. Super Soap! We’ll make all kinds of soaps, some with surprises inside! We’ll also make confetti loaf soap, and oatmeal soap! Each child will have their own soap collection to take home. ($ 10 per child)

16. Wax Candle Art: Using wax sand crystals, children will make their own sand art candles! ($5 per child)

17. Famous Artist Party: Kids will love learning while celebrating! We’ll make and shrink art necklaces of master works of art by Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and more! I’ll even include your child’s favorite artist! ($ 6 per child)

18. Edible Art Party: Create art you eat! Some of the projects are: Chocolate lollipops, fantastic hamburger cookies, cupcake decoration, chocolate dipped and decorated pretzels, bread dough animals, and more. (price depends on project)

19. Room Makeover Party: Decorate a bulletin board for your room, make a funky art pillow, or a decoupage trash can. These are just a few of the ideas to makeover your room! (price depends on the project)

20. Fashion Designer 101: Create one of a kind fashion designs on paper and then use a variety of materials to create a multi media sample of your creative fashion design! ($5 per child)

21. Puppets! : Turn ordinary socks into fantastic, creative creatures! ($ 8 per child)

22. Rock n Roll Art!: Guitar pick jewelry, decorated  cardboard guitars and  bowls made from old albums make this party a #1 hit! ($10 per child)

Prices and materials may vary depending on materials, season, etc.

Party Fees: $300 plus the art supply fee per project.

In Your Home/Space:

The project usually lasts one hour and I arrive early to set up and stay to clean up. I charge an additional $25 “schlep fee” for parties in your home.

In The Studio:

In my studio I can accommodate up to 12 children. You are welcome to have the birthday cake/refreshments here in the studio.



-Party Fees: $300 plus the art supply fee per project.

-In your home party: The project usually lasts one hour and I arrive early to set up and stay to clean up. I charge an additional $50 “schlep fee” for parties in your home.

-In the studio: In my studio I can accommodate up to 12-14 children. You are welcome to have the birthday cake/refreshments here in the studio.

-Parties with more than 20 children-an additional $50 assistant fee.

-A 100.00 deposit is required to hold your party date.

-The number of children charged will be determined a few days before the party. If extra show up, you will be charged for those children. Children that are "no shows" will still be counted, as supplies will be bought for the activities.

-You are free to keep any of the supplies left over from any children that didn't show up for the party but rsvp'd yes. You paid for it, you can keep it!



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